Over 100 years of Science

We (Len and Lee Herzenberg) have worked separately and together for more than 50 years. This blending of independence and mutual reliance is reflected here as we shift back and forth in telling the story of the laboratory we have led and the life we have lived. The space provided for this chapter is very generous.Yet, calculated out, it amounts to roughly 100 words per year for each of us. To make the most of this, we have written an autobiography rather than a history. In many instances, we have referred only briefly, or not at all, towork that had major influences on our thinking. In addition, we have adopted a policy of naming the many students, fellows, and collaborators with whom we have worked only by referring to our joint work with them. We hope the reader realizes there would be no biography worth writing were it not for the contributions made by these and all of our other colleagues.

From A Tale of Two Lives Intertwined, which can be found here:  

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